Friday, October 4, 2019

August & September in the log...

Hi, time for another bill on the blog !
Well, August activity was very shortened due to holidays (excepted for satellites as I brought my HT & Arrow during trips 😊).
I could add 3 new IOTAs thanks to VY0ERC NA-008, ZS9V AF-064 & KL7RRC/P NA-210 !
The rest of the activity was on 6M, looking for missing squares in EU...
In September, in HF I could only log VE2GT/150 from NA-176, FP/KV1J & 5T5PA on data for new slots...
On FM satellites there was more fun thanks to TO5M 🇵🇲 , CT7/F4DXV 🇵🇹 & CT7/G0MFR 🇵🇹 , EA/F4DXV & AM1SAT 🇪🇸 , CU2ZG, VE1VOX 🇨🇦 , 4Z1JJ 🇮🇱 , 7X2ARA 🇩🇿 , DL6AP/P 🇩🇪 and FP/KV1J 🇵🇲 for many many new grids ! I'm actually at 117 worked / 61 confirmed (via LotW only !)

And that's all ! No DX-Pedition or interesting calls to log during this period... October's log is already more filled than September ! 
Chris F8DZY

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