Wednesday, August 7, 2019

June & July in the log...

Gooooood morning Summer 😎 !!!
Hi all, time for a new article ! 
June month started with R26RRC IOTA AS-204 (#604), followed by R205NEW IOTA AS-205 (#605) both worked on 20M CW...
On 6M CW I could log 9G2HO Ghana as a new one on the Magic Band (#107) !
In the end of June I could add 5T5PA Mauritania on 6M FT8 for another new one on 6 (#108) !
HR9/AD8J from IOTA NA-057 was also logged on 20M CW for my 606th worked island...
I also spent a little time on 6M chasing new grids, see map update :

In July 1st, 5th & 9th I could work some NA stations on the Magic band, the others days again looking for new grids in EU...

On July 17th I could log KL7/K6VVA from IOTA NA-004 on 20M CW ! (#607)
On July 19th, good surprise with 1A0C worked on 12M SSB (missing slot is now only 160M !!)

Then it was finally holidays time for one in JN13 😀 I took my Wouxun Dual-Band and Arrow in order to make several FM satellites passes during my stay.
I found a good & quiet place in the camping, alone in the higher part...
About 35 QSOs were done there.

I also activated the Lac du Salagou in JN13QP, wonderful place we enjoyed ! 9 lucky guys were logged from there 😉

Holidays already over, time to drive back home : and this is the IOTA 2019 CONTEST ! 
I could log R63RRC IOTA AS-063 (#608), VE7ACN/7 IOTA NA-091 (#609), 6M6M IOTA AS-105 (#610), RI0BC IOTA AS-042 (#611), JR8YLY/1 IOTA AS-008 (#612) & NY3A/3 IOTA NA-140 (#613) !!!

That's it ! Many new IOTAs, 2 new ones on 6M + a lot of fun on FM satellites 🛰🛰🛰

Chris F8DZY

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