Wednesday, December 25, 2019

October, November & December in the log...

Hi, antennas are down since December beginning due to high winds in the area.
No DX-Pedition nor conditions at the moment so they stay down for now...
October was a good month thanks to A82X & A82Z active from Liberia : I filled some missing slots including 160M, plus FT8 for the fun (I missed 20M FT8)

- A82X :
 - A82Z :

- 5H3RRC IOTA AF-054 & KJ6MBW/P IOTA NA-144 were logged for 2 new IOTAs for a new total of 620 worked IOTAs at this day...

- 5A0YL Lybia on 20M SSB, OC19IARU Peru on 17M SSB, ZD7BG Saint-Helena on 15M CW & TO80SP Saint-Pierre & Miquelon on 160M CW were also worked as new slots/new band.

Nothing in November to this day... Uuuh, seems boring !
Chris F8DZY

Friday, October 4, 2019

August & September in the log...

Hi, time for another bill on the blog !
Well, August activity was very shortened due to holidays (excepted for satellites as I brought my HT & Arrow during trips 😊).
I could add 3 new IOTAs thanks to VY0ERC NA-008, ZS9V AF-064 & KL7RRC/P NA-210 !
The rest of the activity was on 6M, looking for missing squares in EU...
In September, in HF I could only log VE2GT/150 from NA-176, FP/KV1J & 5T5PA on data for new slots...
On FM satellites there was more fun thanks to TO5M 🇵🇲 , CT7/F4DXV 🇵🇹 & CT7/G0MFR 🇵🇹 , EA/F4DXV & AM1SAT 🇪🇸 , CU2ZG, VE1VOX 🇨🇦 , 4Z1JJ 🇮🇱 , 7X2ARA 🇩🇿 , DL6AP/P 🇩🇪 and FP/KV1J 🇵🇲 for many many new grids ! I'm actually at 117 worked / 61 confirmed (via LotW only !)

And that's all ! No DX-Pedition or interesting calls to log during this period... October's log is already more filled than September ! 
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

June & July in the log...

Gooooood morning Summer 😎 !!!
Hi all, time for a new article ! 
June month started with R26RRC IOTA AS-204 (#604), followed by R205NEW IOTA AS-205 (#605) both worked on 20M CW...
On 6M CW I could log 9G2HO Ghana as a new one on the Magic Band (#107) !
In the end of June I could add 5T5PA Mauritania on 6M FT8 for another new one on 6 (#108) !
HR9/AD8J from IOTA NA-057 was also logged on 20M CW for my 606th worked island...
I also spent a little time on 6M chasing new grids, see map update :

In July 1st, 5th & 9th I could work some NA stations on the Magic band, the others days again looking for new grids in EU...

On July 17th I could log KL7/K6VVA from IOTA NA-004 on 20M CW ! (#607)
On July 19th, good surprise with 1A0C worked on 12M SSB (missing slot is now only 160M !!)

Then it was finally holidays time for one in JN13 😀 I took my Wouxun Dual-Band and Arrow in order to make several FM satellites passes during my stay.
I found a good & quiet place in the camping, alone in the higher part...
About 35 QSOs were done there.

I also activated the Lac du Salagou in JN13QP, wonderful place we enjoyed ! 9 lucky guys were logged from there 😉

Holidays already over, time to drive back home : and this is the IOTA 2019 CONTEST ! 
I could log R63RRC IOTA AS-063 (#608), VE7ACN/7 IOTA NA-091 (#609), 6M6M IOTA AS-105 (#610), RI0BC IOTA AS-042 (#611), JR8YLY/1 IOTA AS-008 (#612) & NY3A/3 IOTA NA-140 (#613) !!!

That's it ! Many new IOTAs, 2 new ones on 6M + a lot of fun on FM satellites 🛰🛰🛰

Chris F8DZY

Monday, June 3, 2019

April & May in the log...

Hi, again no many QSOs in the log during this period...
It seems too many of us are having fun on FT8, even when conditions are good enough !
So, I continue my IOTA quest when new ones appear, and thanks to XR1RRC from IOTA SA-069, IT9/DJ4EL from IOTA EU-166, I could add 2 new islands in the log...
- AM70URE/6 Balearic Islands was worked on 12M CW (new band !! #290th worked DXCC on 12M) and on 6M SSB (new slot)
- 7X2TT Algeria was worked as a new one 6M FT8 (remember ? FT8...) and my 106th worked DXCC on the Magic Band !
And that's all for the new band/slots in the log... I made several other contacts in CW & SSB on 6M, but no more big session of E-Sporadic as past years, everybody's playing on FT8... CQing CW/SSB on empty band is not fun when you KNOW conditions are good :/

That's the reason I recently jumped into Satellites (FM) with a pedestrian equipment (HT & ARROW antenna) !
I found a new place of interest, working birds is really exciting, the SAT community is very rich, no SSN required, and real OM contacts... More soon.

Chris F8DZY

Friday, April 19, 2019

February & March in the log...

Hi all, finally a little time to update the blog !
- On February 8th I was happy to log OH10X from IOTA EU-192 NEW First ever activity ! it was on 30M CW and my 598th worked island...

- The day after I started to chase V84SAA Brunei thanks to my new 80M inverted L.
I worked them only on new bands/slots and could log the team on 17M, 30M, 40M, 80M & 160M CW

- V31AT from Belize was also worked on 80M CW for a new band ! (Belize is now only needed on 6M & 160M for all bands !)

- Vlad FR/UA4WHX was worked on 17M SSB for a new slot

- Then in March I was happy to work VE7ACN/VE1 from IOTA NA-081 on 20M CW (#599) & VE3LYC/KL7 from IOTA NA-150 on 30M CW (#600 !!!)

- Giving a try to FT8 mode, I logged FK8CE on 30M FT8 for a new mode & EM1U Antarctica IOTA AN-006 worked on 12M FT8 & 15M FT8 ! It was a new mode for Antarctica and my 601st worked island...

That's all for now, to be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

January's in the log...

Hi, a little update on the last logged QSOs...
The 2019 year started very well for me thanks to TZ4AM from Mali worked on 160M CW for a new one Top Band !

Then, I could log 9LY1JM DX-Pedition to Sierra Leone by many times, including new bands, mode or slots (super job guys !)

VP8LP Falkland Islands was worked on 15M FT8 for a new slot...
On the last week-end of January, it was the REF Cup CW part. A long time I didn't take part in so I decided to give some points :)
As usually, Murphy's law decided to take part too : my vertical just up again, it didn't work at all ! The capacitor(s) and/or self(s) didn't do the job anymore and I couldn't use it for the contest... So, all my 80M & 40M QSOs were done with the inverted L 160M (!) (no joy). The 15M band were completely dead -excepted for West Indies coming in 599++- and the 10M too as usually, only short skip QSOs there. Good fun anyway in this contest, and the pleasure to find some old friends calls ! ;)

Actually, I made a 80M inverted L and a 40M/30M vertical, both with simple electrical wire as for the 160M... it does the job, QRX.

Chris F8DZY

Friday, January 11, 2019

November & December in the log...

Hi all, it's already 2019 and time to add a new article on the recent logged QSOs !
Happy New Year to all, many new ones and achievements for you ;)
In November, I could work :
- YE4/DL3KZA from IOTA OC-144 (#568) on 20M CW & YB9/DL3KZA from IOTA OC-150
-  Z6/EI9FBB on 12M  CW for a new slot (just miss Kosovo 10M & 6M (when allowed) for all bands now).
- YL100V on 160M SSB for a new slot
- EP6RRC IOTA AS-189NEW (#569) on 17M CW

Then, in December was also added :
- TX0M IOTA OC-297NEW on 20M CW (#570)

During this time, I also received BW9W IOTA AS-155

...and UA2FZ Kaliningrad confirming our QSOs on 160M CW. This is my 100th confirmed DXCC on Top Band, also offering me the 10BDXCC !!! Thank you ;)

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY