Friday, January 19, 2018

December's in the log...

Hi, yes I'm late !
End of year & beginning of 2018 were very busy... ^^
December started well with ARRL 160M CW thanks to my new Inverted L : I made 50 QSOs in 4 hours of activity, 30 sections including Virgin Islands for a new one !

- HV0A Vatican City was worked on 80M & 160M CW for 2 new bands !

- Then I seriously started to learn & work FT8 in order to grab some good ones on Top Band.
I could log A71AM, YV4DYJ, EA6SX, SV5DKL, IS0GQX & W7USA from Arizona @ 0800UTC !
Still on 160M, SV9BAI & PJ7/UT6UD were worked in CW for another 2 new ones...

- On 80M CW, I could work TZ4AM from Mali for another new one !

- On December 29th, I could enjoy a short 6M FT8 opening and then work G0GGG, GM4UYE, G4AYU, G7ITD & GM4VGR... TNX guys !

- I also worked a loooot of US stations on FT8 and finally completed my WAS "LotW only" in 2 weeks, that's awesome...
FT8 or not be ? I don't know but other digimodes lost a lot of fans since its start...
My Digimodes total jumped to 182 DXCC at this day.

That was December report, stay tuned !
Chris F8DZY

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