Tuesday, January 23, 2018

RI0POL, J5T, SV9BAI, ZB2X, 3C1L & EA9EU QSLs received...

Hi, here are some of the latest QSLs received...
- RI0POL 2015 Artic Coast Expedition quadruple QSL !

- J5T Guinea Bissau new one on 160M !

- SV9BAI Crete new one on 160M !

- ZB2X new one on 160M !

- EA9EU Ceuta & Melilla new one on 160M !

- 3C1L Equatorial Guinea new one on 80M !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, January 19, 2018

E31A Eritrea, the chase !

Hi, E31A team hits the bands since some days.
Eritrea is already confirmed on several bands including 6M here so, not in hurry.
Despite the big piles, the ops usually listen to a short split and use their filters & good ears. 
In 3 days, I could log them on 15M CW (new slot), 17M CW, 160M CW (new band), 40M SSB (new slot), 80M CW (new band) & 30M CW (new band) !
All bands are filled from 6M to 160M, I don't ask anymore ! Thanks to the team for their excellent job there !

Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

December's in the log...

Hi, yes I'm late !
End of year & beginning of 2018 were very busy... ^^
December started well with ARRL 160M CW thanks to my new Inverted L : I made 50 QSOs in 4 hours of activity, 30 sections including Virgin Islands for a new one !

- HV0A Vatican City was worked on 80M & 160M CW for 2 new bands !

- Then I seriously started to learn & work FT8 in order to grab some good ones on Top Band.
I could log A71AM, YV4DYJ, EA6SX, SV5DKL, IS0GQX & W7USA from Arizona @ 0800UTC !
Still on 160M, SV9BAI & PJ7/UT6UD were worked in CW for another 2 new ones...

- On 80M CW, I could work TZ4AM from Mali for another new one !

- On December 29th, I could enjoy a short 6M FT8 opening and then work G0GGG, GM4UYE, G4AYU, G7ITD & GM4VGR... TNX guys !

- I also worked a loooot of US stations on FT8 and finally completed my WAS "LotW only" in 2 weeks, that's awesome...
FT8 or not be ? I don't know but other digimodes lost a lot of fans since its start...
My Digimodes total jumped to 182 DXCC at this day.

That was December report, stay tuned !
Chris F8DZY