Saturday, November 17, 2018

August, September & October in the log...

Hi all, sorry I'm very late with post updates but not many interesting things logged so far here...
I didn't add any new one on 50MHz during this season. 
My chase is focused on IOTA, and, luckily, there were some new ones :
- In August, I worked RT65KI from IOTA AS-065

- In September, I worked RI0B from IOTA AS-121, AS-104 & AS-087

- In october, I worked KP4/EI9FBB from IOTA NA-249 NEW !

This bringged me to a total of 593 worked islands by the end of October.

New Clublog matches also appeared during these months with :
- 7V9A from IOTA AF-094
- PX8Z from IOTA SA-060
- V6J from IOTA OC-254
- YB4IR/8 from OC-274 
This bringged me to a total of 560 confirmed islands by the end of October.

It's already winter season coming... time flies !

Chris F8DZY

Sunday, August 12, 2018

3V8CB on 160M in the mail !

All is in the title : Tunisia is FINALLY confirmed on Top Band, this is my 99th confirmed DXCC on 160M ! Who next will give me the 10BDXCC ? ;)

Chris F8DZY

June & July's in the log...

Hi all, another report of my recent activities on the air... :)
Apart the previous June posts on 50MHz contacts, I could log ES0UG/8 from IOTA EU-178 on 20M CW : I already worked this IOTA in 2012 but never received any confirmation since the time. 
Thanks to Uwe, it was quickly confirmed (in the month) with a Clublog Matching !
I also could work again Craig VK5CE/6 this time from IOTA OC-170 but it was the last time I could hear him, no more island from his VK IOTA Tour...

 In the beginning of July, it was time for me to add an ATNO thanks to KH1/KH7Z Baker & Howland Islands IOTA OC-089, worked on 20M CW : it is my 323rd worked DXCC ! It was confirmed on LotW one month later : it is my 323rd confirmed DXCC too...

Later, 7V9A IOTA AF-094 was worked on 20M SSB, V6J Federal States of Micronesia IOTA OC-254 logged on 20M CW & 9K2NO was worked on 6M CW (new slot).

Then it was already the IOTA CONTEST 2018 !
I looked for new/not yet confirmed references only, and logged 10 islands thanks to :
- PX8Z IOTA SA-060
- PW7I IOTA SA-046
- II3Y IOTA EU-130
- SF2X/P IOTA EU-135
- BW9W IOTA AS-155
- ZV5O IOTA SA-047
- PS1S IOTA SA-077
This bringed my IOTA score to 588 worked islands !

Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

VK5CE/6 IOTA OC-140 in the log & 5 new confirmed islands...

Hi, yesterday I could log Craig VK5CE/6 from IOTA OC-140 Thevenard Island on 20M SSB LP (I was barefoot 100W) : this is my 575th worked island !
I didn't hear him on previous OC-164 & 199, so I hope to work him on the next IOTAs he plans to activate in this new trip...

A long time I couldn't log in IOTA-World (you need to get a new password in Clublog -> Settings -> App Passwords) and finally 5 new IOTAs confirmed, bringing my score to 549 confirmed IOTAs !

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

C6AGU & ER/DL7UCX confirmed on Top Band !

Hi, all is in the title :
- C6AGU Bahamas (#97)

- ER/DL7UCX Moldova (#98)

2 more to confirm in order to reach the 10BDXCC ! ;)
Chris F8DZY

1st 6M opening to NA !

Hello, yesterday I could enjoy my 1st 2018 NA opening on the Magic Band !
Some new grids thanks to N4OX, K4WI, W4JKC, K9IL & also VO1AW who called me...

 Chris F8DZY

April & May's in the log

Hi all, time flies and 2 more months over !
I could log some new slots & especially new IOTAs thanks to :
- VD1BOOM (IOTA NA-198)(#569), VE7ACN/VE2 (IOTA NA-084)(#570) & VA7XW/VE2 (IOTA NA-038)(#571)
- 3B7A Agalega & St Brandon worked on 12M CW + SSB (new band !)
- 5C5AF (IOTA AF-065)(#572) , C96RRC (IOTA AF-088)(#573) & C98RRC (IOTA AF-066)(#574)
- ER/DL7UCX worked on 160M CW for my 103rd DXCC on Top Band !
- Z66D Kosovo on 15M SSB (new slot !) & 12M SSB (new band !)
And that's all ! 
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

February & March's in the log...

Hi all, some news after a long time !
Nothing interesting at the moment and poor conditions made I didn't make any contact since February 23rd...
I was looking to 4B4B but NIL at my possible free time.
In February so, I managed to work the Z60A team on 9 slots for a "new" DXCC

I worked 4L/TA7OF on 20M RTTY for a new mode, C81G & C8X from IOTA AF-061 for a new island (#543), EK + CX + SU + T7 in FT8, and PZ5RA Ramon from Suriname on 160M CW (#102) 

That's all, waiting for some more excitation ^^ !
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VK3CWB in the mail, N5PHT IOTA NA-143 Clublog Match & P4/DL4MM on LotW !

Hi all ! That's in the title, you just need to know that :
- Moz VK3CWB helped me to confirm Australia on 80M CW (my 152nd confirmed DXCC on this band) !

- N5PHT was worked when active from IOTA NA-143 Galveston Island and thanks to this new Clublog matching, this is my 543rd confirmed island !

- And P4/DL4MM Aruba just appeared on LotW, confirming our 160M CW QSO and my 93rd DXCC on Top Band !

Chris F8DZY

Saturday, February 3, 2018

RI1F EU-190 & DU9/R4WAA OC175 in the mail !

Hi, all is in the title : RI1F IOTA EU-190NEW & DU9/R4WAA IOTA OC-175 were received some days ago for 2 new confirmed islands...
Thanks QSL Managers for QSLing !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, February 2, 2018

YB8RW/P IOTA OC-145 Ternate Island in the mail !

Hi, today I received YB8RW/P QSL from Ternate Island IOTA OC-145...
It is my 542nd confirmed island, thank you !

Chris F8DZY

VK9MA Mellish Reef in the mail !

Hi, yesterday I received VK9MA QSL Mellish Reef IOTA OC-072 confirming our 4 QSOs on 17M CW & 20M CW-SSB-RTTY... It was my 321st confirmed DXCC.

Chris F8DZY

Worked All States Award

I finally decided to apply for this beautiful award, after confirming all the US States via LotW only...
15 days after, ARRL sent me this one...

Chris F8DZY

January's in the log...

Hi all, here's my January report !
A lot of QSOs on FT8, I have to admit it was pleasant to work all "usual" countries in a new mode, even if I was more looking for new ones on Top Band when I decided to jump in... I am actually at 186 worked DXCCs in digital modes (RTTY + FT8), that is not bad...
About the rest, I worked N5PHT on 20M CW from IOTA NA-143 Galveston Island & C8X + C81G from IOTA AF-061, they are my 567th & 568th worked islands...

On Top Band, I could log FG8OJ from Guadeloupe, CU3EQ from Azores on FT8 & E31A Eritrea, C6AGU from Bahamas, ZC4A UK Bases on Cyprus, P4/DL4MM Aruba, 3V8CB Tunisia and Z33C Macedonia on CW, which permitted me to reach the 100 worked DXCCs on 160M !
8 more to confirm now and I'll reach the "10B-DXCC"... 
End January Kosovo finally entered the DXCC list, I'm actually trying to work them when time permits (17M-20M-30M CW + 20M SSB), it is my 322nd worked DXCC !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

RI0POL, J5T, SV9BAI, ZB2X, 3C1L & EA9EU QSLs received...

Hi, here are some of the latest QSLs received...
- RI0POL 2015 Artic Coast Expedition quadruple QSL !

- J5T Guinea Bissau new one on 160M !

- SV9BAI Crete new one on 160M !

- ZB2X new one on 160M !

- EA9EU Ceuta & Melilla new one on 160M !

- 3C1L Equatorial Guinea new one on 80M !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, January 19, 2018

E31A Eritrea, the chase !

Hi, E31A team hits the bands since some days.
Eritrea is already confirmed on several bands including 6M here so, not in hurry.
Despite the big piles, the ops usually listen to a short split and use their filters & good ears. 
In 3 days, I could log them on 15M CW (new slot), 17M CW, 160M CW (new band), 40M SSB (new slot), 80M CW (new band) & 30M CW (new band) !
All bands are filled from 6M to 160M, I don't ask anymore ! Thanks to the team for their excellent job there !

Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY