Thursday, December 21, 2017

W7USA (AZ) on 160M FT8 this morning...

Hi, a very nice contact on 160M FT8 this morning 30 minutes after my SR in France : W7USA from Arizona could be decoded through an up & down NA opening !
I was 1st called by WB0TEV from TX but impossible to complete the QSO, then some minutes W7USA Ray answered again to my CQ and we could log each other.
I was also called a little bit later (about 45 minutes after my SR !) by N5XZ from TX but the QSO wasn't completed too. I decoded him till 0820UTC here ! Incredible...
One hour after our contact, W7USA sent me a very nice e-mail to tell me how he was happy with our QSO as I was his very 1st EU on 160M he worked from Arizona !! Ray was sending 30W into a full size inverted V with a 25M high feeding point,.
I am still having fun with my home made inverted L @ 11,50m ! 15 new ones in 3 weeks... 
10 more to work in order to reach the 100, and so a potential 10BDXCC ! ^^
Thanks to you Ray for a so nice radio moment and a new Zone on Top Band.
Chris F8DZY

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