Wednesday, December 13, 2017

November's in the log

Hi all, a quick report on November's activity here... a good & active month.
- VK9CZ Cocos Keeling Islands was worked on 20M SSB for a new slot 
- IS0DCR Sardinia was worked on 12M SSB for a new slot
- 9U4M Burundi was worked on 10M SSB, 15M-17M-20M RTTY for new slots and a new mode

 - ZS6TVB South Africa was worked on 17M SSB for a new slot
- J5T Guinea Bissau on 12M CW, 20M RTTY, 40M SSB, 80M & 160M CW for new slots & new bands !

 - VP8CMH/MM close to South Orkney Islands on 20M CW (our 2nd QSO after 17M CW)
- YJ0JA Vanuatu on 20M CW for a new slot
- VP2MDL Montserrat Island on 30M CW
- DU1/SP5APW Philippines from IOTA OC-090 on 20M SSB (#563)
- EG1ET Spain from IOTA EU-077 on 40M SSB (#564)
- HR9/K1XM Honduras on 30M CW for a new band
- 5K1B Colombia from IOTA SA-078 on 17M SSB (#565) & for a new slot too !
- VE7ACN/7 Canada from IOTA NA-075 on 20M CW (#566)
- DU9/R4WAA Philippines from IOTA OC-175 on 20M CW & RTTY (#567)
- T77C San Marino on 80M CW
- Plus some new ones on 160M (T77C, ZA1WW, ZB2X, YL6W, EA8CMX, EA9EU...)

Chris F8DZY

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