Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Inverted L 160M @ F8DZY

Hi all, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that since some days, I am erecting an Inverted L for the Top Band...
After a lot of reading on the web and considering the "free" space on my property, I could try a half sloper and the inv L; my choice went on the inverted L.
This antenna cost me 0€.
Material ("in stock" in the garage) :
- (+/-) 42M of electrical wire 2.5mm2 (inverted L)
- 1 PVC pipe (cutted in 2 parts for insulators)
- 1 piece of PVC plate (base)
- another 50cm of 2.5mm2 electrical wire & a plastic bottle (beta-match or "hairspin")
- 1.5mm2 lenghts of wire I had from my previous vertical antenna radials' installation (8 x 48M)
The configuration of the property makes that the horizontal part of the wire seems like a sloper, but it's not... and it works !

 - Insulator (PVC pipe) : the end of the horizontal part of the wire comes here, slice it less or more in order to adjust resonating frequency... On the other side of the PVC is attached a rope, itself attached to a tree, with a counterpoise in order to slice during big winds. (Height about 10,5 meters)

- Look at this impressive sealed box ! ^^
Connection between coaxial and the beta-match is not yet soldered, as I still don't know if this Inverted L will be a permanent or a "winter" antenna...

- Some view from the top of the pylon (to NA), giving you an idea of the slope...

- Some pics during the first attempt... (R was too low)

After several up and downs, I decided to add a beta-match (hairspin) at the base, after several tests, mine is 8 joined turns (the picture below shows one of the first beta match coil tested)

I put 8 x 48m radials as I could, and connected them to the beta-match coil.
I also connected to this part the existing 48 x 24M radials from the HF3B vertical.

First tests were correct, I've been called by ZB2X from Gibraltar on my first CQs, whole Europe is covered (see RBN) . Some minutes later I was heard @ W1NT. A little bit early for NA...

Then I could work J5T from Guinea Bissau at the end of their DX-Pedition for a new one on TB !

During CQ WW, I could add YL, EA9, ZA & EA8 as new ones in some minutes... 

Now we'll see during the next months how it will perform... 

In final, as wrote it DJ0IP, all installations are different and will give good or poor result at different places... You have to test at your turn and find the good match ! Hope you enjoyed the read !

Sourcing : DJ0IP, F6BKD, F6DDR, I1WQR, F5ZV, F5AD, DK5WL, etc...
Chris F8DZY

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