Monday, November 6, 2017

3C1L Equatorial Guinea : the chase !

Hi, I'm having big fun chasing 3C1L from Equatorial Guinea ! 
Before and after 3C0L from Annobon Island, I could log several new slots & new bands for this rare-on-air DXCC...
It started on October 20th with a 1st QSO on 20M CW for a new band, then, after Annobon return (where 4 QSOs -all new- were logged here), serious things could begin !
On November 1st, a 15M CW QSO, they were 599+20dB !!
On November 4th, I could log them on 10M CW (new slot !) in the afternoon & on 40M CW in the evening just after they QSYed from 30M (new band !) !
On November 5th, I could work them on 15M RTTY on my 1st attempt (15M was definately the stronger band from here)...

...and finally, after several days trying, I could be heard on 30M CW (new band) !

They should go QRT on November 12th, good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

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