Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bureau QSLs : 9 new IOTAs + 1 new 160M !

Hi all, it was a long time I didn't go to my local Bureau in order to get my incoming QSLs !
A nice package was waiting for me and, inside, 9 new confirmed IOTAs as follows :
- GW3KHZ/P IOTA EU-106 (St Tudwal Island West)

 - OH6/DL2VFR IOTA EU-101 (Björkön)

- 7N2JZT/6 IOTA AS-024 (Ishigaki Island) 

- DT3G IOTA AS-060 (Kogum Island)

- R7LP/0 IOTA AS-149 (Moneron Island)

- N3MK IOTA NA-083 (Chincoteague Island) 

  - F9IE/VK4/P IOTA OC-142 (Lady Elliot Island)

- YB8/DL3KZA IOTA OC-157 (Banda Islands)

- P29NI IOTA OC-258 Krangket Island) HB0/DL5SE Liechtenstein confirming our 160M CW QSO (Liechtenstein is now confirmed from 6M to 160M !) ^^

Also many great DX-peditions QSLs  received (already confirmed via LotW) & 6M QSLs...
Bureau works, thansks for QSLing, next for me is in January 2018, please be patient !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, September 1, 2017

August's in the log...

Hi all,
Poor August month as the previous ones... only 6 QSOs in the log for me, but all "needed" ;)
- RI0LI from IOTA AS-022 worked on 20M CW as my 549th worked island...

- CX6DZ from Uruguay worked on 17M SSB for a new slot !

- AL3/AA7CH from IOTA NA-042 worked on 20M CW as my 550th worked island...

- B7/BD7IHN from IOTA AS-094 worked on 20M CW as my 551st worked island...

- FH/DJ9RR from Mayotte Island worked on 40M CW as a new band !

- NL6/AA7CH from IOTA NA-157 worked on 20M CW as my 552nd worked island...

Now waiting for September DX-Peditions, good luck to you !
Chris F8DZY