Wednesday, May 31, 2017

April & May's in the log...

Hi all, it's been a long time I didn't post on the blog but April month was very poor here with radio activity so I decided to sum up the two months there...
 In April
- J5B was worked on 15M RTTY for a new slot, VP8NO on 12M RTTY also for a new slot.
- CV5A IOTA SA-030, R71RRC IOTA AS-071 & 4S7VBG/P IOTA AS-171 were worked as 3 new islands.
In May :
- JS6RRR IOTA AS-079, E51LYC IOTA OC-098, HD2RRC IOTA SA-034 & HD2RRC/4 IOTA SA-033 were worked as 4 more islands, bringing my total to 548 worked IOTAs.
- If you follow me on Twitter @F8DZY , you noticed I finally worked some new ones this year on the Magic Band, thanks to E31A Eritrea on 6M SSB (#102), E44WE Palestine on 6M CW (#103) & this morning UN6T Kazakhstan on 6M CW (#104) ! ^^
A little but effective activity...
Chris F8DZY

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