Thursday, April 6, 2017

March's in the log

Hi all,
The month of March was very nice with several DX-Peditions & single stations on the air... 
I could log :
- JY9FC on  80M CW
- ES0VB/5, NP2X on 160M CW (new band)
- 6W2SC on 17M RTTY, 3B8/G3TXF on 17M CW
- C6APY IOTA NA-054, RT9K/9 IOTA AS-005, VK7AC IOTA OC-006, XR5M IOTA SA-061, KL7/VE7ACN IOTA NA-041 & VY1RST/VY0 IOTA NA-008 as new islands...
- EL2BG & HH2AA on 17M & 20 M SSB (new slots)
- 9G5X from to 10M to 30M + 80M (12 QSOs, 3 modes), 5U5R from 10M to 40M (17 QSOs, 3 modes), S21ZED & S21ZEE from 15M to 40M (7 QSOs, 3 modes), TU7C on 20M & 40M RTTY (new slots), 9N7EI on 17M CW + SSB & 30M CW (new bands)
- 5J0NA on 20M RTTY, TZ5XR on 12M & 17M RTTY (new mode)
- 9H3YY on 30M, 40M & 80M CW (new band)
- EL2DT & 3V8ST on 20M CW, 3B9FR & T2AQ on 20M SSB, VP8NO on 12M RTTY
To be continued... 
Chris F8DZY

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