Friday, March 10, 2017

5U5R Niger & 9G5X Ghana : the chase !

Hi, 2 African DX-Peditions started with 5U5R & 9G5X, the best opportunity to fill missing slots, bands or mode ! 
Actually I could log 9G5X on 30M CW & 80M CW for 2 new bands, and on 20M CW for a new slot... I now miss Ghana on 10M SSB, 12M SSB, 17M CW + SSB, 40M CW & 160M CW.

For the moment, 5U5R is most active and gave me 5 QSOs with 15M SSB (already CFM here), 15M CW & 20M CW for new slots, 40M CW for a new band (huuuuge split) & 30M RTTY for a new mode... I now miss Niger on 12M CW, 80M CW & 160M CW.

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

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