Tuesday, March 21, 2017

5U5R Niger & 9G5X Ghana : the chase ! (Epilog)

Hi all, 
The 2 African DX-Peditions are now over, what a big fun to chase them !
I finally could log 5U5R from 10M to 40M on my missing slots and could add RTTY mode !
Niger is now only needed on 6M, 80M & 160M for all bands...

I also could work 9G5X from 10M to 80M excepted 40M, filling slots and also adding RTTY as 3rd mode for Ghana, now only needed on 6M, 40M & 160M !

Thansk to the 2 teams for their great job there, have a safe back trip home & CU on the next one ! ^^
Chris F8DZY

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