Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January's in the log

Hi, some good ones again in the log in this first month of 2017 !
- A70X IOTA AS-088, H74B IOTA NA-013, ZZ8P IOTA SA-072, XR7T IOTA SA-043, YB3MM/7 IOTA OC-295 & AX7CW IOTA OC-006 were worked for 6 new IOTA references.
- UK7AL Uzbekistan, P4/DL4MM Aruba & HI1UD Dominican Republic were worked on 80M CW both as a new band.
- TR8CA on 40M CW, 5B4VL & PJ2ND on 40M SSB as new slots.
- CN2VB, 7V7V & 3V8CB on 30M RTTY as new slots.
- MD0CCE, OM0CS, EA6VQ, OL1R & OK7K, 9A5CW, HG8DX, SV2DSJ & SV3RF, ON7EH, S57O-S51V-S59N , P33W, GM4Z, LA7THA, GU4YOX, 3V8CB, CS2C, YR8D-YR7J-YO5KLD & UA2FZ on 160M CW as new ones/new slots.
- CO8LY Cuba & 5A1AL Libya on 20M RTTY as a new mode.

Chris F8DZY

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