Friday, February 24, 2017

YV2CAR/4 IOTA SA-058 & EX8M (6M CW) in the mail !

Hi, 2 nice RX QSLs this week thanks to YV2CAR/4 IOTA SA-058 Alcatraz Island : this QSL was certainly lost in the Post tubes as it was posted on Oct. 19th, 2016 !! This is my 494th confirmed IOTA ! (6 more to confirm ! ^^)

...and EX8M confirming me Kyrgyzstan on 50MHz ! (#97... 3 more to confirm ! ^^)

Chris F8DZY

Sunday, February 12, 2017

N5WR/5 IOTA NA-092 in the mail !

Hi, all is in the title : thanks Erik for QSL from NA-092 Mustang island !
It confirms our 40M CW QSO and is my 491st confirmed IOTA...

Chris F8DZY

TL8TT Central African Republic DX-Pedition

Hi, TL8TT continues to hit our bands !
I had pleasure to work the IDT from Mali these last days... operators are good at SSB, have good ears at CW, and usually are at the right time on the right band... what else ?

Thanks for the new bands and/or slots, I won't try the 80M SSB : I don't want to touch my vertical CW tunings ^^
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January's in the log

Hi, some good ones again in the log in this first month of 2017 !
- A70X IOTA AS-088, H74B IOTA NA-013, ZZ8P IOTA SA-072, XR7T IOTA SA-043, YB3MM/7 IOTA OC-295 & AX7CW IOTA OC-006 were worked for 6 new IOTA references.
- UK7AL Uzbekistan, P4/DL4MM Aruba & HI1UD Dominican Republic were worked on 80M CW both as a new band.
- TR8CA on 40M CW, 5B4VL & PJ2ND on 40M SSB as new slots.
- CN2VB, 7V7V & 3V8CB on 30M RTTY as new slots.
- MD0CCE, OM0CS, EA6VQ, OL1R & OK7K, 9A5CW, HG8DX, SV2DSJ & SV3RF, ON7EH, S57O-S51V-S59N , P33W, GM4Z, LA7THA, GU4YOX, 3V8CB, CS2C, YR8D-YR7J-YO5KLD & UA2FZ on 160M CW as new ones/new slots.
- CO8LY Cuba & 5A1AL Libya on 20M RTTY as a new mode.

Chris F8DZY