Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5T5TI IOTA AF-050 Tidra Island in the mail !

Hi, another new confirmed IOTA today with 5T5TI QSL received very quickly !
This is my 489th confirmed Island...

Chris F8DZY

Saturday, January 21, 2017

YB3MM/1 IOTA OC-237 in the mail !

Hi, yesterday I received YB3MM/1 IOTA OC-237 (Sangiang Island) QSL in the mail, confirming our 20M CW QSO... It is my 488th confirmed IOTA !
Thanks Adhi...

Chris F8DZY

Thursday, January 12, 2017

IOTA & Clublog matching...

Hi, the last IOTA update for Clublog Matching was done yesterday Jan. 11th...
3 new confirmed islands bringing my total of confirmed IOTAs to #486 !

Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

YO9KXF/P IOTA EU-191 in the mail !

Hi all, all is in the title : yesterday I received YO9KXF/P QSL from IOTA EU-191 (Insula) Fericirii Island.
It is my 483rd confirmed IOTA thanks to the new IOTA Clublog matching on Jan. 6th, 2017...

 Thanks Dan YO9FNP QSL manager !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, January 5, 2017

December's in the log...

Hi, this is what came new in the log last month :

- 8R1/AG6UT on 17M CW + RTTY (new mode)
- 6Y6Y & PZ5RA on 17M SSB (new slot)
- FH/HB9AMO on 20M CW (new slot)
- S01WS, FY5HB, A60ND, Z21LS on 15M SSB (new slots)
-VP8CMH/MM (British Antartic Survey)
- LY5YOTA, RN3CT, A45XR, 7Z1SJ, W3LPL, NO3M on 160M CW
- D44TVB on 20M, 30M & 40M RTTY (new mode)
- and 5 new IOTAs thanks to 5T5TI, 6W/UA4WHX/P, N5WR/5, YB3MM/1 & JW2US
Chris F8DZY