Thursday, July 6, 2017

June's in the log

Hi all, a very light "ON AIR" activity these times here, not much time for ES on 6 and no major DX-Pedition at the moment also...
I still look at the cluster for new IOTA and could work HD2RRC & HD2RRC/4 from IOTA SA-034 & SA-033 both on 20M CW.
Later in June was added in the log B7CRA from IOTA AS-143, worked on 15M CW.

Also some nice QSLs were received, as follows :
- OJ0JR Market Reef on 6M : my 100th confirmed DXCC on the Magic Band !!! Finally... ^^

- OY1CT confirming our 12M CW & 160M CW ! Faroe Islands are now confirmed from 6M to 160M !

-RT9K/9 IOTA AS-005 Dikson Island confirming our 20M CW QSO (#507) !

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

JA opening on 6M, UN6T Kazakhstan...

Hi all, a nice opening on June 2nd to Japan on 6M here in SW France, the first of 2017 where I was in the shack !
I could work JF8QNF & JL8GFB both from square QN03 with an excellent copy 559 without any QRM !

On May 31st, I also could log UN6T (#104) from Kazakhstan, he was 339 here on a noisy QRG but readable...

About Europe, I could log OJ0JR Market Reef (#105) & 4U1VIC...

This brings me to 105 worked DXCC and 99 confirmed on the Magic Band !
To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

April & May's in the log...

Hi all, it's been a long time I didn't post on the blog but April month was very poor here with radio activity so I decided to sum up the two months there...
 In April
- J5B was worked on 15M RTTY for a new slot, VP8NO on 12M RTTY also for a new slot.
- CV5A IOTA SA-030, R71RRC IOTA AS-071 & 4S7VBG/P IOTA AS-171 were worked as 3 new islands.
In May :
- JS6RRR IOTA AS-079, E51LYC IOTA OC-098, HD2RRC IOTA SA-034 & HD2RRC/4 IOTA SA-033 were worked as 4 more islands, bringing my total to 548 worked IOTAs.
- If you follow me on Twitter @F8DZY , you noticed I finally worked some new ones this year on the Magic Band, thanks to E31A Eritrea on 6M SSB (#102), E44WE Palestine on 6M CW (#103) & this morning UN6T Kazakhstan on 6M CW (#104) ! ^^
A little but effective activity...
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, April 6, 2017

March's in the log

Hi all,
The month of March was very nice with several DX-Peditions & single stations on the air... 
I could log :
- JY9FC on  80M CW
- ES0VB/5, NP2X on 160M CW (new band)
- 6W2SC on 17M RTTY, 3B8/G3TXF on 17M CW
- C6APY IOTA NA-054, RT9K/9 IOTA AS-005, VK7AC IOTA OC-006, XR5M IOTA SA-061, KL7/VE7ACN IOTA NA-041 & VY1RST/VY0 IOTA NA-008 as new islands...
- EL2BG & HH2AA on 17M & 20 M SSB (new slots)
- 9G5X from to 10M to 30M + 80M (12 QSOs, 3 modes), 5U5R from 10M to 40M (17 QSOs, 3 modes), S21ZED & S21ZEE from 15M to 40M (7 QSOs, 3 modes), TU7C on 20M & 40M RTTY (new slots), 9N7EI on 17M CW + SSB & 30M CW (new bands)
- 5J0NA on 20M RTTY, TZ5XR on 12M & 17M RTTY (new mode)
- 9H3YY on 30M, 40M & 80M CW (new band)
- EL2DT & 3V8ST on 20M CW, 3B9FR & T2AQ on 20M SSB, VP8NO on 12M RTTY
To be continued... 
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

TU7C Ivory Coast by F6KOP

TU7C was active from Ivory Coast, I didn't chase this DX-pedition as Ivory Coast is already very filled on my log...
I was just looking for the Top Band but couldn't work them, so I finally added 2 new slots on 20M & 40M RTTY + a rapid hello to the team on 40M SSB !

TU is still needed on 160M for all bands...
Thanks to F6KOP for their activity !
Chris F8DZY

5U5R Niger & 9G5X Ghana : the chase ! (Epilog)

Hi all, 
The 2 African DX-Peditions are now over, what a big fun to chase them !
I finally could log 5U5R from 10M to 40M on my missing slots and could add RTTY mode !
Niger is now only needed on 6M, 80M & 160M for all bands...

I also could work 9G5X from 10M to 80M excepted 40M, filling slots and also adding RTTY as 3rd mode for Ghana, now only needed on 6M, 40M & 160M !

Thansk to the 2 teams for their great job there, have a safe back trip home & CU on the next one ! ^^
Chris F8DZY

Friday, March 10, 2017

C6APY IOTA NA-054 in the log !

Another new island thanks to C6APY Little Harbour Cay IOTA NA-054, worked on 30M CW, 20M RTTY & 15M RTTY (new mode !). QSL via M0OXO.
This is my 538th worked IOTA, thanks guys !

Chris F8DZY

5U5R Niger & 9G5X Ghana : the chase !

Hi, 2 African DX-Peditions started with 5U5R & 9G5X, the best opportunity to fill missing slots, bands or mode ! 
Actually I could log 9G5X on 30M CW & 80M CW for 2 new bands, and on 20M CW for a new slot... I now miss Ghana on 10M SSB, 12M SSB, 17M CW + SSB, 40M CW & 160M CW.

For the moment, 5U5R is most active and gave me 5 QSOs with 15M SSB (already CFM here), 15M CW & 20M CW for new slots, 40M CW for a new band (huuuuge split) & 30M RTTY for a new mode... I now miss Niger on 12M CW, 80M CW & 160M CW.

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

February's in the log

Hi all,
The second month of 2017 started with VK5CE/3 from IOTA OC-196 for a new island, then the IDT TL8TT hit the bands and did an awesome job from C.A.R. (see previous article).
- I worked several new RTTY DXCCs and new RTTY slots thanks to VU2WJ, CU6NS, V5/DJ9KM, UT4UO, TR8CA, C5YK, XX9D & XT2SE...
- 3XY3D was worked on 20M SSB for a new slot (IOTA AF-051 already CFM here).
- HP3/SQ3RX & JY9FC were worked on 80M CW.
To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, March 2, 2017

YB3MM/7 IOTA OC-166 & 295 in the mail !

Hi, yesterday I received 2 nice QSLs from Adhi YB3MM for our 2 QSOs from IOTA OC-166 Tarakan Island and from IOTA OC-295 Sebatik Island !
2 new confirmed islands bringing my total to #496... Thanks !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, February 24, 2017

YV2CAR/4 IOTA SA-058 & EX8M (6M CW) in the mail !

Hi, 2 nice RX QSLs this week thanks to YV2CAR/4 IOTA SA-058 Alcatraz Island : this QSL was certainly lost in the Post tubes as it was posted on Oct. 19th, 2016 !! This is my 494th confirmed IOTA ! (6 more to confirm ! ^^)

...and EX8M confirming me Kyrgyzstan on 50MHz ! (#97... 3 more to confirm ! ^^)

Chris F8DZY

Sunday, February 12, 2017

N5WR/5 IOTA NA-092 in the mail !

Hi, all is in the title : thanks Erik for QSL from NA-092 Mustang island !
It confirms our 40M CW QSO and is my 491st confirmed IOTA...

Chris F8DZY

TL8TT Central African Republic DX-Pedition

Hi, TL8TT continues to hit our bands !
I had pleasure to work the IDT from Mali these last days... operators are good at SSB, have good ears at CW, and usually are at the right time on the right band... what else ?

Thanks for the new bands and/or slots, I won't try the 80M SSB : I don't want to touch my vertical CW tunings ^^
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January's in the log

Hi, some good ones again in the log in this first month of 2017 !
- A70X IOTA AS-088, H74B IOTA NA-013, ZZ8P IOTA SA-072, XR7T IOTA SA-043, YB3MM/7 IOTA OC-295 & AX7CW IOTA OC-006 were worked for 6 new IOTA references.
- UK7AL Uzbekistan, P4/DL4MM Aruba & HI1UD Dominican Republic were worked on 80M CW both as a new band.
- TR8CA on 40M CW, 5B4VL & PJ2ND on 40M SSB as new slots.
- CN2VB, 7V7V & 3V8CB on 30M RTTY as new slots.
- MD0CCE, OM0CS, EA6VQ, OL1R & OK7K, 9A5CW, HG8DX, SV2DSJ & SV3RF, ON7EH, S57O-S51V-S59N , P33W, GM4Z, LA7THA, GU4YOX, 3V8CB, CS2C, YR8D-YR7J-YO5KLD & UA2FZ on 160M CW as new ones/new slots.
- CO8LY Cuba & 5A1AL Libya on 20M RTTY as a new mode.

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5T5TI IOTA AF-050 Tidra Island in the mail !

Hi, another new confirmed IOTA today with 5T5TI QSL received very quickly !
This is my 489th confirmed Island...

Chris F8DZY

Saturday, January 21, 2017

YB3MM/1 IOTA OC-237 in the mail !

Hi, yesterday I received YB3MM/1 IOTA OC-237 (Sangiang Island) QSL in the mail, confirming our 20M CW QSO... It is my 488th confirmed IOTA !
Thanks Adhi...

Chris F8DZY

Thursday, January 12, 2017

IOTA & Clublog matching...

Hi, the last IOTA update for Clublog Matching was done yesterday Jan. 11th...
3 new confirmed islands bringing my total of confirmed IOTAs to #486 !

Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

YO9KXF/P IOTA EU-191 in the mail !

Hi all, all is in the title : yesterday I received YO9KXF/P QSL from IOTA EU-191 (Insula) Fericirii Island.
It is my 483rd confirmed IOTA thanks to the new IOTA Clublog matching on Jan. 6th, 2017...

 Thanks Dan YO9FNP QSL manager !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, January 5, 2017

December's in the log...

Hi, this is what came new in the log last month :

- 8R1/AG6UT on 17M CW + RTTY (new mode)
- 6Y6Y & PZ5RA on 17M SSB (new slot)
- FH/HB9AMO on 20M CW (new slot)
- S01WS, FY5HB, A60ND, Z21LS on 15M SSB (new slots)
-VP8CMH/MM (British Antartic Survey)
- LY5YOTA, RN3CT, A45XR, 7Z1SJ, W3LPL, NO3M on 160M CW
- D44TVB on 20M, 30M & 40M RTTY (new mode)
- and 5 new IOTAs thanks to 5T5TI, 6W/UA4WHX/P, N5WR/5, YB3MM/1 & JW2US
Chris F8DZY