Wednesday, November 15, 2017

B7/BD7IHN IOTA AS-094 in the mail !

Hi, fast QSLing for B7/BD7IHN from IOTA AS-094 Hai Nan Island !
Worked on 20M CW, it is my 530th confirmed island...

Chris F8DZY

Thursday, November 9, 2017

R71RRC Arakamchechen Island IOTA AS-071 in the mail !

Hi, all is in the title, just received R71RRC QSL IOTA AS-071 : so far from coconuts & sandy beaches... congratulations guys ! This is my 529th confirmed island !

Chris F8DZY

Monday, November 6, 2017

VK9MA Mellish Reef IOTA OC-072 : the chase !

Hi, finally the so expected VK9MA expedition is on air !
Starting on a week-end, huge pile-ups were previewed, and they were...
I tried on Saturday 4th in vain, tried again on Sunday morning in long pass where they signal was stronger, no more luck...
Then, at their SS, turning the beam on short pass was necessary and VK9MA signal peaked to S6, but too many callers...
Busy at home, I wanted to see what the sigs looked at in the middle afternoon and surprise, they're still on 20M CW and pile-up seems more readable (but still 9 or 10kHz wide !).
Sorry children, Dad have to try ! ^^
10 minutes later, I was answered by VK9MA for an ALL TIME NEW ONE !!!
Thanks for my 321st DXCC and 561st worked IOTA !

On Monday 6th, they are booming on 17M CW !
5 minutes only to find the good split and "in the log" again for a new band...

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

3C1L Equatorial Guinea : the chase !

Hi, I'm having big fun chasing 3C1L from Equatorial Guinea ! 
Before and after 3C0L from Annobon Island, I could log several new slots & new bands for this rare-on-air DXCC...
It started on October 20th with a 1st QSO on 20M CW for a new band, then, after Annobon return (where 4 QSOs -all new- were logged here), serious things could begin !
On November 1st, a 15M CW QSO, they were 599+20dB !!
On November 4th, I could log them on 10M CW (new slot !) in the afternoon & on 40M CW in the evening just after they QSYed from 30M (new band !) !
On November 5th, I could work them on 15M RTTY on my 1st attempt (15M was definately the stronger band from here)...

...and finally, after several days trying, I could be heard on 30M CW (new band) !

They should go QRT on November 12th, good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

September & October's in the log...

Hi all, no report in September simply because only 2 QSOs during this period but they were good ones :
- VK3CWB from Australia worked on 80M ! Thanks Moz for finally giving me VK on 80M ! (new band)

  - AT7M from St Mary's Island IOTA AS-096 (#554)

Then, October was more exciting and the log was almost exclusively filled with IOTAs !
Starting with VP8LP from Falkland Islands (IOTA SA-002), worked in FT8 on 10M for my very first try in this mode... 
I just wanted to try it, I'm not in love with digital modes but if it can give me a new one or a new IOTA, it's good to know ;)
Then, S9YY & S9CQ (IOTA AF-023) from Sao Tome & Principe Islands were worked on 20M & 10M RTTY for 2 new slots !

- RI1F (IOTA EU-190 NEW) was logged 3 times (20M SSB, 17M SSB & CW) offering me 2 new slots, one new mode (SSB) for Franz Josef Land and my #555th worked island...

- OX3XR (IOTA NA-018) Peter was worked on 40M CW for a new slot with Greenland :

- II3J (IOTA EU-130) was worked on 40M CW , this reference was already worked in 2005 but still no QSL even after several reminds...
- KC4AAA Antartica (IOTA AN-012) was worked on 20M SSB for the pleasure of a new worked base !
- DS3EXX from Korea was worked on 17M SSB for a new slot
- 3C1L Equatorial Guinea was worked on 20M CW for a new band ! 
- S21ED & S21ZDC were worked from IOTA AS-140 (#556) including & 15M SSB QSO for a new slot...
- S21ZAS  was worked on 17M CW from IOTA AS-127 (#557)
- VK5CE/8 Craig was again on another IOTA trip, this time from OC-198, giving me my #558th worked island on 20M SSB...
- H40GC Temotu Province (IOTA OC-100) was worked on 40M CW for a new band...
- SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo was worked on 20M CW (new slot)---
- 3C0L Annobon Island (IOTA AF-039) was worked 4 times / 4 new slots (2 new bands) :

- VU7T Lakshadweep Islands was worked on  17M CW & 20M RTTY for 2 new slots :

- 3XY3D/P was worked on 15M SSB from IOTA AF-096 (#559)
- EA6VQ (IOTA EU-004) was worked on 15M CW for a new slot (any EA6 on 12M for me ??? ^^) : 

- 9Y4/DL1QQ from Trinidad & Tobago Islands (IOTA SA-009) was worked on 10M CW (new slot), 12M & 17M CW...
- RI1ANO (IOTA AN-010) was again worked on 10M SSB for a new slot with Antartica...
- S01WS Western Sahara was finally worked on 80M CW for my last needed band !

- TI8II Carlos was worked on 12M SSB & EY7AD was worked on 20M SSB, both for new slots and both after years without QSO, very nice to meet them again on air !
- E44WE from Palestine was worked on 15M RTTY for a new slot :

- KH0/OH1JD from Mariana Islands (IOTA OC-086) was worked on 20M CW for a new slot...
- YB8RW/P was worked on 20M CW from IOTA OC-145 (#560)...

If you follow me on Twitter, you also know I received a batch of QSLs from world traveller Vlad UA4WHX after his recent Africa's activities (+ Estonia)... 

That's all folks !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bureau QSLs : 9 new IOTAs + 1 new 160M !

Hi all, it was a long time I didn't go to my local Bureau in order to get my incoming QSLs !
A nice package was waiting for me and, inside, 9 new confirmed IOTAs as follows :
- GW3KHZ/P IOTA EU-106 (St Tudwal Island West)

 - OH6/DL2VFR IOTA EU-101 (Björkön)

- 7N2JZT/6 IOTA AS-024 (Ishigaki Island) 

- DT3G IOTA AS-060 (Kogum Island)

- R7LP/0 IOTA AS-149 (Moneron Island)

- N3MK IOTA NA-083 (Chincoteague Island) 

  - F9IE/VK4/P IOTA OC-142 (Lady Elliot Island)

- YB8/DL3KZA IOTA OC-157 (Banda Islands)

- P29NI IOTA OC-258 Krangket Island) HB0/DL5SE Liechtenstein confirming our 160M CW QSO (Liechtenstein is now confirmed from 6M to 160M !) ^^

Also many great DX-peditions QSLs  received (already confirmed via LotW) & 6M QSLs...
Bureau works, thansks for QSLing, next for me is in January 2018, please be patient !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, September 1, 2017

August's in the log...

Hi all,
Poor August month as the previous ones... only 6 QSOs in the log for me, but all "needed" ;)
- RI0LI from IOTA AS-022 worked on 20M CW as my 549th worked island...

- CX6DZ from Uruguay worked on 17M SSB for a new slot !

- AL3/AA7CH from IOTA NA-042 worked on 20M CW as my 550th worked island...

- B7/BD7IHN from IOTA AS-094 worked on 20M CW as my 551st worked island...

- FH/DJ9RR from Mayotte Island worked on 40M CW as a new band !

- NL6/AA7CH from IOTA NA-157 worked on 20M CW as my 552nd worked island...

Now waiting for September DX-Peditions, good luck to you !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

KP2Q in the mail !

Hi all, today I received KP2Q QSL from US Virgin Islands, confirming our 2 QSOs on 20M & 80M CW (new band !) 
Thanks K3TEJ QSL manager...

Chris F8DZY

Friday, August 4, 2017

EL2DT Liberia & JG8NQJ/JD1 Minami Torishima (Marcus Island) in the mail !

Hi, 2 nice QSLs RX thanks to EL2DT Liberia confirming our QSOs on 15M CW & 20M CW (2 new slots), and JG8NQJ/JD1 Marcus Island confirming our 20M CW QSO (new band)... the 15M CW QSO is missing, no address mail found in order to ask to check the log, so I will have to work him again !

Chris F8DZY

July's in the log...

Hi, almost no activity in July : it's Summer ! ^^
Only 2 QSOs on 50 MHz with TA1D/3 & SV9RGI both on 6M SSB for a new slot !

I also worked R24RRC from IOTAS AS-114 on 20M SSB & CW, it is my 549th worked island...
Chris F8DZY