Monday, November 14, 2016

ZL7G Chatam Island : the chase !

 Hi all, it's been a long long time I didn't write any bill on the blog !
Time flies, summer was busy out of the shack, here we are...
End of year season started again, with some interesting DX-Peditions to come, and ZL7G was the first for me, as Chatam Island was only worked & confirmed on 20M & 40M CW !
Without any pressure, I waited the end of their activity to jump in the chase in order to add some new bands and modes, and so, in 24H (Nov. 7th to 8th), I could work them on 17M CW (new band), 20M CW + SSB (new mode), 30M CW (new band) + RTTY (new mode), 40M CW & 80M CW (new band) !

Now waiting for a next activity from Chatam in order to work the higher bands (10M-12M-15M) missing...
Thanks to the team for their super job and automatic LotW upload, FB !

Chris F8DZY

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