Thursday, November 24, 2016

LA/DM2AUJ IOTA EU-076, CT1BQH/P IOTA EU-167 & 10 new ones on 160M...

Hi, all is in the title .
I recently received 2 directs from old IOTA activities, courtesy of DM2AUJ Wolfgang and CT1BQH Joao...
I sent  some e-mails about my "old" worked & not yet confirmed islands last week, and some days later I had the good surprise to find them in the mailbox !
I know 2 others IOTA QSLs which should arrive soon but these ones were not planned... THANK YOU !
- CT1BQH/P (CR6R) IOTA EU-167 (2011) :

- LA/DM2AUJ IOTA EU-076 (2008) :

Low bands, and especially Top Band, were interesting these past evenings / nights :
I could log 10 "new ones" on 160M thanks to OG3077F, HB9CVQ, IS0HQJ, OY1CT, ZD8W, HB0/DL5SE, OE6JTD, EI3KI, MI0BPB & 4K6FO... all in CW (#49 to #59).
KP2Q from British Virgin Islands was also worked on 80M CW (#142).

Chris F8DZY

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