Thursday, June 30, 2016

Did you say sporadic ?

Hi, great openings yesterday on 6M, especially with NA and short skip !
It started in the morning with IS0UAI from JN40 coming here very strong, then in the afternoon beginning I could work EA1HNP from IN53, EB1DJ & EA1QS from IN52 : 2 new squares and it was the very first time I hear NW Spain on 6 ! All QSOs in SSB.

One hour later, NA sporadic : I send some CQ in CW and KZ4RR from FM30 and K5EK from EL29 gave me another 2 new squares...

Off all the afternoon, I am back in the evening and hear F6IRS from JN38 in QSO (short skip sporadic), I wait for the end of his QSO and we QSY a little up, another new square !
And then quickly some others French stations F5TVG/P (long time Franck !!), F6GCP, F1UMO, F1EBN, F1DLJ, F4ALP, F1IEO... many ON, PA, all UK (thanks EI7CC long time also !), HB0CC from Liechtenstein giving me my 101st worked DXCC on the Magic Band : let's go for 108 stations in 1h 04min top chrono ! ^^  All QSOs in SSB again... 

Thanks all for the fun !

Chris F8DZY


  1. Hi Chris, wow I just miss this opening. Great DX on the magic band. Was on the evening before but hardly could make just 1 QSO with Germany. I saw you worked some neighbour stations here. If I was on I could have made a QSO with you. Better luck next time. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas ! Yes, big fun yesterday evening... 6M is a special band. For sure next time will be the one ^^ 73.