Friday, June 3, 2016

6M rocks ! ^^

Hi, after a long time without any new one on the Magic Band, I had the big luck to add 2 nice DXs in the same day thanks to EX8M from Kyrgystan (5709 kms) & JT1CO from Mongolia (new ODX : 7493 kms) ! DXCCs #93 & #94 here on 6M !

Today, I contacted Nicolas TY2AC from Benin for a new square, already confirmed via LotW (fast service ! ^^)

I receive a lot of 6M LotW QSLs without any locator... Is it so difficult for any radio amateur to add his locator on LotW or TQSL ??? Frustating when you need to confirm a specific locator... hmm ?
Chris F8DZY

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