Thursday, June 30, 2016

Did you say sporadic ?

Hi, great openings yesterday on 6M, especially with NA and short skip !
It started in the morning with IS0UAI from JN40 coming here very strong, then in the afternoon beginning I could work EA1HNP from IN53, EB1DJ & EA1QS from IN52 : 2 new squares and it was the very first time I hear NW Spain on 6 ! All QSOs in SSB.

One hour later, NA sporadic : I send some CQ in CW and KZ4RR from FM30 and K5EK from EL29 gave me another 2 new squares...

Off all the afternoon, I am back in the evening and hear F6IRS from JN38 in QSO (short skip sporadic), I wait for the end of his QSO and we QSY a little up, another new square !
And then quickly some others French stations F5TVG/P (long time Franck !!), F6GCP, F1UMO, F1EBN, F1DLJ, F4ALP, F1IEO... many ON, PA, all UK (thanks EI7CC long time also !), HB0CC from Liechtenstein giving me my 101st worked DXCC on the Magic Band : let's go for 108 stations in 1h 04min top chrono ! ^^  All QSOs in SSB again... 

Thanks all for the fun !

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5A1AL Lybia : 100th DXCC on 6M & a new EU IOTA in the log !

Hi, last week I had the opportunity to work again Abubaker from Lybia but this time on 6M CW !
This is simply my so desired 100th worked DXCC on the Magic Band ! Really happy with this...

 I also worked another European IOTA on 20M CW thanks to RA1QV/P from EU-102 : I now only miss 10 EU IOTAs ! But 2X more to confirm yet...

Chris F8DZY

V85TL Brunei in the mail !

Hi all, today I received V85TL QSL from Brunei !
It confirms our 4 QSOs from 2012-2013 on 10M CW + SSb & 15M CW + SSB (2 new bands confirmed for this DXCC).

Thanks Haji for QSLing !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, June 23, 2016

3 "new ones" by QSL on 6M... PQ5M IOTA SA-027 in the Bureau QSLs !

Hi all, last days I received some interesting QSLs, including 3 "new ones" on 6M thanks to :
- S01WS Western Sahara confirming our multiple QSOs on 6M CW-SSB-RTTY

- EA9IB Melilla confirming our 6M SSB QSO

- HB9DDZ Switzerland confirming our 6M CW QSO

I now have 89/99 confirmed DXCCs on 6M, waiting for the others...

This month via the Bureau I also received PQ5M QSL from IOTA SA-027 Sao Francisco Island, this is my 439th confirmed IOTA : thank you !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ZL1/G0KIK (IOTA OC-201) & CU1EZ (6M) in the mail, JM1IGJ Japan on 6M !

Hi, all is in the title : I received in the mail box ZL1/G0KIK QSL confirming our 20M SSB QSO from IOTA OC-201 Waiheke Island (#438), and CU1EZ QSL from Azores (Santa Maria Island) confirming our 6M SSB QSO (#86) !

Yesterday I had the GREAT pleasure to be answered on my CQs on 6M CW by JM1IGJ from Japan !
It is a new DXCC (#99) & new ODX (9971 kms !!)...
Already confirmed via LotW (#87) : thanks Taka !

Thanks all for QSLing...
Chris F8DZY

Monday, June 13, 2016

6M openings to NA & Caribbean...

Hi all, the past days, some nice openings on 6M to USA & Caribbean area...
On June 7th, F8DZY and the "Florida attacks" with some nice signals, especially from N4BP readable for one hour here...

On June 10th, PJ4NX from Bonaire for a new DXCC & N5DG from Texas for a new square...

On June 11th, NP2X & KV4FZ from US Virgin Islands for a new DXCC, PJ4VHF from Bonaire for a new mode (SSB) with this entity, and FS/K9EL from Saint-Martin for a new DXCC...

A lovely total of 98 worked DXCCs on 6M thanks to 7 new ones at the moment this season !
Chris F8DZY

Friday, June 10, 2016

KP4EIT in the mail !

Hi, today I received KP4EIT QSL, confirming our 6M SSB QSO !
This is my 81st confirmed DXCC on the Magic Band...

Thanks EA5GL QSL Manager ;)
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, June 9, 2016

VK0EK Heard Island in the mail !

Hi all, nice expected one received this morning in the mail box : VK0EK Heard Island !
Our 6 QSOs on 80M CW, 17M CW, 15M CW + SSB & 12M CW + SSB were already confirmed by LotW but this paper QSL confirms me IOTA AN-003, my 437th...

Thanks Tim M0URX QSL Manager !
Chris F8DZY

Friday, June 3, 2016

6M rocks ! ^^

Hi, after a long time without any new one on the Magic Band, I had the big luck to add 2 nice DXs in the same day thanks to EX8M from Kyrgystan (5709 kms) & JT1CO from Mongolia (new ODX : 7493 kms) ! DXCCs #93 & #94 here on 6M !

Today, I contacted Nicolas TY2AC from Benin for a new square, already confirmed via LotW (fast service ! ^^)

I receive a lot of 6M LotW QSLs without any locator... Is it so difficult for any radio amateur to add his locator on LotW or TQSL ??? Frustating when you need to confirm a specific locator... hmm ?
Chris F8DZY