Monday, May 9, 2016

5A1AL Lybia approved for DXCC !

Hey, what a nice & good new : 5A1AL is finally approved for DXCC !

Having 2 QSOs with Abubaker on 15M & 20M CW, I can now add Libya to my DXCC scores...
So 320 DXCCs worked here, it's becoming interesting ^^
Chris F8DZY


  1. Hello Chris,

    this is great news. I also have 3 QSOs with 5A1AL and it would be my 325th DXCC.
    I just wonder why there is no news on the offical ARRL-site (like for P5/3Z9DX or the deletion of KH5K).
    I submitted my cards 2 years ago and wrote to DXCC desk to give me credit now for 5A - but no answer for about a week.
    I hope the very best for all who worked 5A1AL (including me :-) ).
    73 de Johannes, DL5RDI

  2. Hi Johannes, from NN1N / ARRL :

    “DXCC Approval 5A1AL – all operations

    Good DX!

    Dave, NN1N

    Manager, Field Services and Radiosport, ARRL”

    Patience now...
    Chris F8DZY