Thursday, April 7, 2016

Some new IOTAs in the Bureau QSLs...

Hi all,
Today I went to my local Bureau in order to get my incoming Bureau QSLs.
I had the pleasure to find 8 new confirmed IOTAs as follows :
- RA4HKM/0 from IOTA AS-025 Urup Island

- D85C from IOTA AS-085 Chongsan Island

- XR2T from IOTA SA-086 Damas Island

-R7LP/0 from IOTA AS-149 Moneron Island

- 8N6NTO from IOTA AS-017 Okinawa

- JJ2YEZ/8 from IOTA AS-147 Rishiri Island

- JA6TBE/4 from IOTA AS-041 Nakano Island

- HP0INT/3 from IOTA NA-071 Boca Brava Island 

...and finally YB9/IW1DQS from IOTA OC-239 Agusta Island but for this one, I cannot add it to my totals as it not yet validated by IOTA HQ due to "Awaiting validation material", TNX anyway for QSLing ;)

Chris F8DZY

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