Friday, April 1, 2016

FT4JA Juan de Nova : the chase ! #1

Hi all ! Back on air for a new DX-pedition chase... ^^
This time with another big one : FT4JA Juan de Nova - IOTA AF-012, 6th most wanted DXCC !
I started my chase on March 30th, and was really happy to log them on 10M CW as an ATNO : DXCC #318 and IOTA #509 !
The next day, I could work them on 15M RTTY & SSB for a new band & 2 new modes...

The same day in the afternoon, I logged FT4JA on 10M SSB for a new slot & on 17M CW for a new band.
Today (April 1st), again 4 new QSOs with 17M SSB (new slot), 20M RTTY (new band), 12M CW (new band) & 15M CW (new slot) !!
I am now waiting the online log update to see if all is ok, but the Frecnh team is already doing a great job there... 
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

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