Monday, January 25, 2016

VP8STI South Sandwich Islands : the chase ! #3

Hi all, at this time we still don't know if the VP8STI adventure will end earlier because of wind & antennas damages... WX conditions were very difficult there.
Some others QSOs were added since my last post :
1/ My 30M RTTY QSO was OK...
2/ On January 22nd, I could add the 30M CW as new slot & 40M CW as new band in less than one hour !
3/ On January 24th, I could add the 12M CW & 10M SSB as new bands in 3 minutes !!!

For 80M, as they planned to be on low bands during their last nights, I don't know if they still have antenna for, so wait & see...
They are actually still active despite of Cluster comments.
Anyway, it was already a GREAT DX-Pedition to chase !
Good luck to all...

Chris F8DZY

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