Tuesday, November 24, 2015

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! (Epilog)

Hi all, it's OVER !
Thanks a lot to the VK9WA team for giving most of us the opportunity to log Willis Island, it was an ATNO for me and for many others I believe...
After my previous contacts, I could add 3 new QSOs on November 22th with the 15M CW for a new slot, then the 20M RTTY as a new mode (thanks a LOT to the operator who sent several times my report -because of QRMers/LIDs on QRG- until he got clearly my answer !), and finally the 30M CW as a new band but for this last, it appears I was badly logged because it doesn't appear on the online log...?
I sent a mail in order to fix this, I'll see later if this last QSO is OK...


Addidtion of December 31st:
I forgot to say my 30M QSO was corrected and confirmed by VK9WA team ! TNX guys !

Ready for another DX-Pedition's chase ! ^^ 
Chris F8DZY  

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