Sunday, November 22, 2015

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! #2

Hi all, the chase continues here with some new QSOs in the log...
After my 3 firsts QSOs, I could add the 10M CW (new band) on November 20th ! They were 335 here, but not many people calling, well, not many people I could hear...
On November 21st, it was again a nice day : 10M again, but SSB this time, and they were really stronger than the day before ! 4-5 minutes studying the split, 4 calls & in the log ^^
Three minutes later only, I logged them on 12M CW (new band) !
These 2 new QSOs were in the morning before going to my job... 
Back in the evening around 2000UTC, I decided to have an ear on low bands, they were on 40M SSB, huge split but readable in the clear... My vertical is doing a great job on this band so, why not ?
10 minutes calling and it was ok ! YES, another new band ! ;)

A total of 7 QSOs, 6 bands & 2 modes right now...
To be continued, soon QRT, hurry up & GL !
Chris F8DZY

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