Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! #1

Hi all, finally another DX-pedition as we love to chase ! ^^
VK9W is an expected one : ranked #32 on the DXCC Most Wanted List (Clublog November 2015), this is an important one that I can't miss this time...
On Monday 16th, I started to chase & got them on 15M SSB for an ALL TIME NEW ONE after some minutes in a terrible split with QRM !
SSB is not my favourite, but for a NEW ONE what wouldn't I do ? ;)
The next day, back from job, they are strong on 17M CW, listening to the huge split, I try one time +20 kHz : "F8DZY 5NN" Wow, very lucky one ! No complain. New mode.
Less than 20 minutes later, I also got them on 20M SSB, not easily, but the good operator's rules are always "logic" ^^

It is my worked DXCC #314 and my worked IOTA #497 !
Good luck to all for this possible ATNO...
Chris F8DZY

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