Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Low bands happenings...

Hi all, some new QSOs in the log since my last post, I tried to get these 3W3MD on 30M and down, but this was impossible to due QRMers and bad propagation to Vietnam... This part of the world has always been difficult to reach from here. 
Whatever, I managed to work them on 15M & 20M SSB for a new mode, and on 20M RTTY for another new mode. Thanks guys for your activity !

On an early morning (0340AM local) before going to job, I worked VP2MEW from Montserrat Island on 80M CW for a new band (#137). VP2M is now only needed on 6M & 160M... a fair affair ^^.

Two days later, and one hour after my sunset this time, I had the surprise to work S01WS Western Sahara on 160M CW with a nice signal (#49) ! 
In the same hour, I also worked MJ/K8PT from Jersey Island, again on 160M CW (#50) ! 2 new ones on the Top Band...

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure to have a complete & sympathic QSO with Gary ZL2IFB on 80M CW coming here 599+ ! Our first QSO was 4 years ago on 10M CW... Always a pleasure to work New Zealand, especially on low bands !

Chris F8DZY

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