Tuesday, November 24, 2015

4 "new bands" & 500th IOTA in the log !

Hi, during these last days, I could work some interesting ones as :
- SV2ASP/A Monk Apollo from Mt Athos on 40M CW (new band !),
- VP5/W5CW from Turks & Caicos Islands on 80M CW (new band !),
- WL7E from Alaska on 40M CW (new band & new zone 40M !) 
- FR/OH2YL from Reunion Island on 30M CW (new band !)...
I finally also reached my 500th worked IOTA thanks to YV2CAR/4 from Alcatraz Island worked on 40M SSB !
To be continued...
Chris F8DZY 

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! (Epilog)

Hi all, it's OVER !
Thanks a lot to the VK9WA team for giving most of us the opportunity to log Willis Island, it was an ATNO for me and for many others I believe...
After my previous contacts, I could add 3 new QSOs on November 22th with the 15M CW for a new slot, then the 20M RTTY as a new mode (thanks a LOT to the operator who sent several times my report -because of QRMers/LIDs on QRG- until he got clearly my answer !), and finally the 30M CW as a new band but for this last, it appears I was badly logged because it doesn't appear on the online log...?
I sent a mail in order to fix this, I'll see later if this last QSO is OK...


Addidtion of December 31st:
I forgot to say my 30M QSO was corrected and confirmed by VK9WA team ! TNX guys !

Ready for another DX-Pedition's chase ! ^^ 
Chris F8DZY  

Sunday, November 22, 2015

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! #2

Hi all, the chase continues here with some new QSOs in the log...
After my 3 firsts QSOs, I could add the 10M CW (new band) on November 20th ! They were 335 here, but not many people calling, well, not many people I could hear...
On November 21st, it was again a nice day : 10M again, but SSB this time, and they were really stronger than the day before ! 4-5 minutes studying the split, 4 calls & in the log ^^
Three minutes later only, I logged them on 12M CW (new band) !
These 2 new QSOs were in the morning before going to my job... 
Back in the evening around 2000UTC, I decided to have an ear on low bands, they were on 40M SSB, huge split but readable in the clear... My vertical is doing a great job on this band so, why not ?
10 minutes calling and it was ok ! YES, another new band ! ;)

A total of 7 QSOs, 6 bands & 2 modes right now...
To be continued, soon QRT, hurry up & GL !
Chris F8DZY

Friday, November 20, 2015

SU9IG in the mail !

Hi, today I received SU9IG QSL from Ivan (OM3CGN) confirming our 3 QSOs on 10M, 30M (new band) & 40M CW...
Thanks Ivan !

Also, on a short time, I worked 3 new others IOTA before & after VK9WA (#497) : 
- S79C from IOTA AF-119 (NEW) as IOTA #496
- YB8/DL3KZA from IOTA OC-157 as IOTA #498
- ZL1/G0KIK from IOTA OC-201 as IOTA #499
Who will be the 500th ?

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

VK9WA Willis Island : the chase ! #1

Hi all, finally another DX-pedition as we love to chase ! ^^
VK9W is an expected one : ranked #32 on the DXCC Most Wanted List (Clublog November 2015), this is an important one that I can't miss this time...
On Monday 16th, I started to chase & got them on 15M SSB for an ALL TIME NEW ONE after some minutes in a terrible split with QRM !
SSB is not my favourite, but for a NEW ONE what wouldn't I do ? ;)
The next day, back from job, they are strong on 17M CW, listening to the huge split, I try one time +20 kHz : "F8DZY 5NN" Wow, very lucky one ! No complain. New mode.
Less than 20 minutes later, I also got them on 20M SSB, not easily, but the good operator's rules are always "logic" ^^

It is my worked DXCC #314 and my worked IOTA #497 !
Good luck to all for this possible ATNO...
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Low bands happenings...

Hi all, some new QSOs in the log since my last post, I tried to get these 3W3MD on 30M and down, but this was impossible to due QRMers and bad propagation to Vietnam... This part of the world has always been difficult to reach from here. 
Whatever, I managed to work them on 15M & 20M SSB for a new mode, and on 20M RTTY for another new mode. Thanks guys for your activity !

On an early morning (0340AM local) before going to job, I worked VP2MEW from Montserrat Island on 80M CW for a new band (#137). VP2M is now only needed on 6M & 160M... a fair affair ^^.

Two days later, and one hour after my sunset this time, I had the surprise to work S01WS Western Sahara on 160M CW with a nice signal (#49) ! 
In the same hour, I also worked MJ/K8PT from Jersey Island, again on 160M CW (#50) ! 2 new ones on the Top Band...

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure to have a complete & sympathic QSO with Gary ZL2IFB on 80M CW coming here 599+ ! Our first QSO was 4 years ago on 10M CW... Always a pleasure to work New Zealand, especially on low bands !

Chris F8DZY