Sunday, October 11, 2015

S79SP Seychelles : the chase ! #1

Hi all, S79SP Polish DX-Pedition is on the bands since several days.
S7 is not a new one for me but only confirmed 15M, 17M, 30M CW & 20M SSB. Some other slots are worked but not yet confirmed, so this activity interests me for new bands & mode :)
At this day, I managed to work them 8 times for 2 new slots & 1 new mode (RTTY)... 

I'm looking for them on 10M band (not yet confirmed here) and on 40M-80M-160M? but for this, I don't know if I'll have the time : my vertical broke again at the insulator position !!! I had no other solution that cutting a little part of aluminium element. I now have to drill another hole with convenient material but I don't have here... Then i'll have to put up again the vetical (without breaking it again ^^) and manage to tune it properly. These things always happen when DX season comes... grrr...
Good luck with S79SP !
Chris F8DZY

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