Thursday, April 16, 2015

C6AEA IOTA NA-080, LA1CI IOTA EU-046 & AP2NK Pakistan in the mail !

Hi, nice QSLs received direct today in the mailbox :
- C6AEA Bahamas IOTA NA-080 Grand Bahama Island confirming our 17M SSB QSO is my confirmed IOTA #409 (TNX W3HNK !)

- LA1CI IOTA EU-046 (Troms County group) Ringvassoey Island confirming our 20M SSB QSO and a "rare on air" European IOTA is my confirmed IOTA #410

- AP2NK Pakistan confirming our 2nd & 3rd QSO on 12M & 15M CW (new confirmed band).
Pakistan is now confirmed from 10M to 20M... (TNX W3HNK !)

Chris F8DZY

Friday, April 10, 2015

9Q0HQ : the chase ! (Epilog)

Oups ! I forgot to publish my last article about this chase !! ^^
So it was a total of 13 QSOs with this DX-pedition to Democratic Republic of the Congo by Italian Team... 

About low bands here, I never heard them on 160M, they were too weak on 80M... maybe next time !
Thanks guys for this new nice activity !!
Chris F8DZY

P29VCX IOTA OC-008 & OC-115 + ZD9ZS IOTA AF-029 in the mail !

Hi all, long time without posting, time flies...
I recently received 3 IOTAs QSLs :
ZD9ZS from Tristan Da Cunha IOTA AF-029 (TNX Paul ZS1S !)

...and P29VCX IOTA OC-008 New Britain Island (#407) & IOTA OC-115 Kiriwina Island (#408) (TNX Hans SM6CVX !)

Chris F8DZY