Monday, March 9, 2015

E30FB Eritrea : the chase !

Here we go, E30FB Eritrea is on air !
This is an ATNO for me so I HAVE TO WORK them !! ;)
I let the week-end with the ICOM 7600 off, but this morning I was in the shack...
QRV on 10M CW & 17M CW, big signal here, let's go !
In 5 minutes they answered me on 10M CW (what a signal !), ALL TIME NEW ONE : DXCC #313 !
Easy ? I tried for more than one hour on 17M CW, impossible... QSY.
They stopped CW on 10M for the SSB, back there... 2nd call and in the log ! NEW MODE ! 10M was really THE band this morning...
Back to 17M CW, the op is slow and people don't listen him... chaos.
Oups ! Spotted on 15M SSB when I was going to switch off... 5 calls and in the log for a new band !
3 QSOs for now here, good luck to all !
To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

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