Tuesday, March 17, 2015

E30FB Eritrea : the chase ! (#Epilog)

Game over ! ^^
E30FB is now QRT ! Many thanks to the whole team for bringing most of us an All Time New One in the log :)
This night, I got up 30min earlier before going to job, they were very strong on 30M CW but it was also an incredible pile-up : impossible ! (in the same time, 9Q0HQ, also on 30M CW, was very weak !).
Yesterday I managed to add the 15M RTTY for a new mode.
The days before I added the 12M SSB, the 17M CW + SSB, the 20M CW + SSB & 40M CW (with 100 Watts at their beginning !!), so : a total of 11 QSOs, 6 bands & 3 modes...
Very happy for a new one ! 


Good back trip home guys !
Chris F8DZY

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