Tuesday, March 17, 2015

E30FB Eritrea : the chase ! (#Epilog)

Game over ! ^^
E30FB is now QRT ! Many thanks to the whole team for bringing most of us an All Time New One in the log :)
This night, I got up 30min earlier before going to job, they were very strong on 30M CW but it was also an incredible pile-up : impossible ! (in the same time, 9Q0HQ, also on 30M CW, was very weak !).
Yesterday I managed to add the 15M RTTY for a new mode.
The days before I added the 12M SSB, the 17M CW + SSB, the 20M CW + SSB & 40M CW (with 100 Watts at their beginning !!), so : a total of 11 QSOs, 6 bands & 3 modes...
Very happy for a new one ! 


Good back trip home guys !
Chris F8DZY

Monday, March 16, 2015

Did you say QSLing ?

Hey, just finished to print a nice package of QSL labels... Many old QSLs to answer plus some "old" directs to post for IOTAs or non bureau / LOTW member.
Next step, post this ! ;)

Chris F8DZY

Friday, March 13, 2015

DK7TX/P IOTA EU-047 in the Bureau QSLs !

Hi, it was a long time I didn't go to my Bureau QSL...
Thing done this morning : I have a lot of QSLs to answer ! I'm in late !!
Too long to list each new slot confirmed by new QSLs, I noticed DK7TX/P QSL from IOTA EU-047 Wangerooge Island which my confirmed IOTA #406... EU IOTAs not yet worked/confirmed  are rare here, I saw it immediately ;)

Thanks Oliver for QSLing...

Chris F8DZY

9Q0HQ Democratic Republic of Congo : the chase ! #2

Hi all, the chase continues with 9Q0HQ...
Contacts are going on here : since yesterday I managed to add 4 new QSOs including 2 new bands !
15M SSB & 17M SSB for 2 new slots, and 40M CW + 6M CW (Magic band !) in 5 minutes for 2 new bands yesterday evening !
This is crazy : I didn't add any new DXCC on 6M for months, and yesterday evening, thanks to 9Q0HQ,  it was my 87th worked DXCC on the Magic band ! :)

I will now look at them on 10M , 15M, 30M, 80M & maybe 160M CW, and 20M SSB...
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, March 12, 2015

9Q0HQ Democratic Republic of Congo : the chase ! #1

Hi, 9Q0HQ team is on air since several days !
9Q is not a new one here but only worked/confirmed ONE time on 15M CW thanks to 9Q1EK in... 2008 !
Unuseful to say I am also very interested with this DX-pedition ;)
the Italian team does as always a great job there, their real time online log is a great tool and avoid to make dupes too...
At this moment, I worked 9Q0HQ by 6 times, adding 2 new modes (SSB & RTTY) and 4 new bands !

I can now have a look at them on low bands...
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

E30FB Eritrea : the chase ! #2

Hi, the chase continues here...
I managed to add the 12M CW (new band) wich is confirmed by the Online Log, as my 3 firsts QSOs...

This morning, I also added the 20M CW (new band). I am still fighting with the 17M band, no chance till now...
Low bands to try next !
Good luck to all...
Chris F8DZY

Monday, March 9, 2015

E30FB Eritrea : the chase !

Here we go, E30FB Eritrea is on air !
This is an ATNO for me so I HAVE TO WORK them !! ;)
I let the week-end with the ICOM 7600 off, but this morning I was in the shack...
QRV on 10M CW & 17M CW, big signal here, let's go !
In 5 minutes they answered me on 10M CW (what a signal !), ALL TIME NEW ONE : DXCC #313 !
Easy ? I tried for more than one hour on 17M CW, impossible... QSY.
They stopped CW on 10M for the SSB, back there... 2nd call and in the log ! NEW MODE ! 10M was really THE band this morning...
Back to 17M CW, the op is slow and people don't listen him... chaos.
Oups ! Spotted on 15M SSB when I was going to switch off... 5 calls and in the log for a new band !
3 QSOs for now here, good luck to all !
To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Friday, March 6, 2015

3G0ZC Juan Fernandez : the chase ! (Epilog)

Hi, that's over : 3G0ZC is QRT !
Good DX-Pedition again by F6KOP Team which allowed me to add one new band & 7 new slots !
My priority was 30M CW & 80M CW, 30M was OK quite easily but I couldn't got them on 80M (Lids or not QRV when they were)... It will be for the next time ! ;)
RTTY was the new mode also for me there, I could work them from 10M to 20M ! Good.

Thanks again to the team, have a safe back trip home guys !
Chris F8DZY