Friday, February 27, 2015

Some new slots in the log...

Light radio activity but alive... ;)
These past days I could add some new slots as showed below :
Worked calls are PW0F, SU9IG, XW3DT & ZD8D.

Chris F8DZY

3G0ZC Juan Fernandez IOTA SA-005 : the chase ! #1

Hi, 3G0ZC Juan Fernandez by F6KOP is on the air !
Not a new one here, so no stress, I started looking at them since yesterday on my free time. 
For now only 2 new slots + new mode (2 x RTTY) : as it appears as Easter Island on my Logger32 DX Spot map, I thought I made more but no ;)
I missed the 30M CW yesterday as I thought it was Easter (already confirmed)...
So, nothing exceptionnal to say, they have goods sigs here, just wait to add 17M SSB + 30M CW and maybe 80M CW ?

To be continued...
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"YES WE K1N !" ;)

K1N Navassa Island IOTA NA-098 MOST WANTED DXCC#2 was on air till Feb. 15th !
I couldn't be QRV in the beginning of the activity, but my 1st QSO with them was on 40M CW, not bad...
Then I added the 20M & 15M, another 3 days break for me and I added the 12M & 10M, and another day were also added the 80M and the 30M in the same morning...
Don't ask me about 17M, I wasn't QRV when they were on, and the sum contrary :)
My only regret will be for the Top Band : I was QRV in my night/mornings in the last days but no more TB activity with EU... bad luck.
Thanks anyway to the team for bringing us an ALL TIME NEW ONE ! Navassa is in the log !
My worked DXCC #312 and my worked IOTA #483...
"YES WE K1N !" ;)

Chris F8DZY