Monday, November 24, 2014

VU4CB (IOTA AS-033) - VU4KV (IOTA AS-001) : Andaman & Nicobar Islands #2

Hi all, time flies and I didn't post anything since several days !
Well, a very light radio activity for me since mid-November : I got VU4KV IOTA AS-001 in the log on 12M CW & 17M CW for a new IOTA (#479) & 2 new bands, but the 12M CW is missing after the log update, so this morning I got them on 12M SSB for a new mode ! ;)

4 bands at this moment for an ALL TIME NEW ONE, just trying when I come to the shack... no stress.

About IOTAs, I also worked FO8AA/P from IOTA OC-063 (#480) Gambier Islands on 20M SSB (new slot !), HI2DX from IOTA NA-122 Saona Island -already confirmed but the pleasure to contact this very nice island I visited years ago- & YB8RW/P from IOTA OC-208 Banggai Island (#481)

Chris F8DZY

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