Thursday, November 13, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin Island : the chase ! (epilog)

Hi all, that's it : FT4TA is over !
Thanks a lot to the team for the terrific job from Tromelin Island, giving to a big majority of us an ALL TIME NEW ONE ! ;)
I monitored the 30M band in hte last days but they were weak here plus too many tunes on the DX QRG... what a pity.
I never heard them on 40M, they were very weak on 80M when I heard them, and excepted the first night of their activity, I couldn't hear them again on 160M... This part of the world is still weak here : maybe due to the Pyrénées mountains "close" to me ? I don't know. It's the game...
Whatever, FT4TA is worked from 10M to 20M in 3 modes, and I'm really REALLY happy with this result !!
I even got them on 17M RTTY with 100W up 1 at their beginning !

FT4TA was spotted 10 minutes later by an USA station on 17M RTTY... no way then ;)

Thanks again to the FT4TA team and CUAGN for another great DX-pedition !
Chris F8DZY

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