Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin Island : the chase ! #1

Hi all, big big awaited DX-pedition FT4TA  Tromelin Island started !
One the most wanted DXCC (Top #10) is on air thanks to F6KOP & Co ;)
I had the great chance to work them 3 times since yesterday on 10M CW, 12M & 20M SSB !
Great chance because with all the crazy lids on air tuning on their QRG, it is simply impossible mission for most of DXers ! I can't understand why everytime some frustrated people do voluntary QRM on bands : such DX-peditions are possible one time in how many years or decades ?? They cost a lot of money to the team, clubs, sponsors + all donators, it's also a multi-year work for authorizations and when you hear the bands as this evening, it's really a shame for the Ham community... I can't believe these fools are radio amateurs. 
I just stopped my station tonight, no need to say I'll try later, at "better" hours, but it's really a pity for people who want to add an ATNO in their log, and for FT4TA members.
Well, good new for me : FT4TA is my 310th worked DXCC & my 477th worked IOTA...

Good luck to all, patience !

Addition @ 2100UTC : just worked FT4TA on 20M RTTY, lids are not yet on digimodes tonight ;) (NEW MODE)
Chris F8DZY

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