Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VK9DLX Lord Howe : the chase ! (epilog)

Hi all, sorry I didn't post since one week !
Now only looking on low bands for VK9DLX, last week I was monitoring 40M CW around 1600UTC before my sunset, and good surprise VK9DLX came on the band.
Very weak at beginning then it came up to 335 on pings. The very noisy band was "filtered" by RX with my Optibeam beamed on LP. 
They were calling simplex, no taker, one call and in the log ! ;)  New band !!! (#230 on 40M)

About the 80M CW, NIL : I was not QRV when they were, and they were not when I was, maybe next DX-Pedition...
This one is now over : MANY MANY THANKS to the whole team for the excellent activity from Lord Howe, giving to many of us a new one, new bands, new slots or new modes ! 
Have a safe come back travel !
Chris F8DZY

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