Friday, October 17, 2014

VK9DLX Lord Howe : the chase ! #1

Hi, VK9DLX is booming on the bands since their start !
Lord Howe Island is not a new one here but I only worked/confirmed this DXCC on 17M CW & 20M SSB ! It is an excellent opportunity again to add some bands/slots...
Looking at their antennas set-up & working conditions plus the excellent conditions of propagation these days, no doubt they will do a great GREAT job there !
2 days ago, I could be QRV a little time in the morning before going to job, and I was able to log them by 5 times in 16 minutes ! Wow !

12M CW, 15M SSB + CW as new bands, and 14M SSB + 20M CW as new slots... ;)

Yesterday morning again, I got them on 30M CW and 10M CW + SSB for 2 new bands !
Finally today I got them on 12M SSB for a new slot...

Next week I will try to work them on 80M/40M CW for these 2 last missing bands...
Good luck to all !

In the same time, I worked JA8COE/5 QRV from IOTA AS-200 on 10M SSB : this is my worked IOTA #476 !
Chris F8DZY

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