Friday, September 19, 2014

ZD9XF, TY1AA, VK9NT & Co...

Hi all,
The conditions were good these past days ! :)
I got the opportunity to work many new band/slots and IOTAs, as follows :
- ZD9XF Tristan Da Cunha & Gough Islands was worked again on 12M & 40M CW for 2 new bands, ZD9ZS was worked on 20M SSB for another new band AND new mode !

- TY1AA Benin was worked on 30M CW & 6M CW for 2 new bands, and on 20M RTTY for a new mode !

- VK9NT Norfolk Island was worked on 20M CW & SSB, 17M CW, 15M CW & 12M CW...
4 new bands & 1 new mode thanks to this DX-Pedition ;)

- S79LCA (HB9LCA) Seychelles IOTA AF-024 was worked on 10M CW for a new band & 20M CW for a new slot...

- CO8LY Cuba was worked on 12M SSB for my last needed slot in my worked bands (now need Cuba on 80M and in RTTY)

- JA6TBE/4 IOTA AS-041 , KI1U/VE9 IOTA NA-014, JJ2YEZ/8 IOTA AS-147 , VK6ISL IOTA OC-294, BO0D IOTA AS-113 & YW5RYL IOTA SA-035 were also worked, bringing my total number of worked islands to #466
I also worked IW1DQS/YB9 from IOTA OC-239 but this activity seems not legal as no reciprocity between Italy and Indonesia... "Work First Worry Later".

Chris F8DZY

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