Thursday, September 11, 2014

YB4IR/8 IOTA OC-222, ZD9XF IOTA AF-029 & 4S7VG in the log !

Hi, a little activity these past days with one new IOTA and 2 new bands thanks to :
YB4IR/8 from IOTA OC-222 Obi Island, worked on 20M CW (my 458th IOTA)...

ZD9XF Nigel (G3TXF) from Tristan Da Cunha & Gough Islands IOTA AF-029, worked on 17M CW (#280)... Nigel is QRV with ZD9ZS (ZS1S) till October 3rd. Hope to work again new bands during their 3 weeks stay !

...and 4S7VG from Sri Lanka worked on 12M CW (#261 & 2nd QSO with Vasanth).
4S is now needed on low bands... this winter ? ;)


Chris F8DZY

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