Tuesday, September 30, 2014

VK9AN, ZD9XF, MJ0CFW & JU80R in the log...

Hi, another  QSO with Christmas Island thanks to VK9AN, offering me a new band with our 15M RTTY QSO (#290) this morning (mine)...

...ZD9XF Nigel was worked on 30M CW (#214) for my 7th band with Tristan Da Cunha & Gough Islands (our 80M CW QSO is not in log, I have to catch him again !) (Update Sept. 30th : NIGEL WAS WORKED AGAIN ON 80M CW AND ALL ZD9XF QSOS ARE LOTW CONFIRMED !)


...nice surprise yesterday with MJ0CFW worked on 10M CW (#264) (8th band !! Any MJ station on 160M ?)

...and this morning again JU80R worked on 12M SSB for a new slot. Mongolia is still needed on 30M & 80M here.

Chris F8DZY

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