Thursday, September 25, 2014

EL2DT, PY0F/PP1CZ, PZ5AA, S01WS... in the log !

Some good ones were added into the log the past days :
- EL2DT from Liberia was worked on 15M CW (our 3rd QSO)
- PY0F/PP1CZ from Fernando de Noronha was worked on 12M CW & 40M CW for 2 new bands
- PZ5AA from Suriname was worked on 80M CW for a new band (Suriname is now  only needed on 40M for all bands !)
- S01WS from Western Sahara was again worked on 10M SSB for a new band & 12M CW for a new slot.
- CP6AA from Chile was worked on 10M SSB for a new slot.
- 5R8UI from Madagascar was worked on 17M SSB for a new slot.
- EG2INT from IOTA EU-134 Izaro Island was logged for my 468th worked IOTA.
- ZD9XF Nigel was heard/called on 80M CW but because of QRM I'm not sure he heard/answered me... I'm waiting for the log update right now.

Chris F8DZY

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