Saturday, August 30, 2014

RI0X Karaginsky Island IOTA AS-064 in the log !

Hi all, finally heard the RI0X team !!
It was 2 days I was looking for them since their start on the island, but NIL in EU, the skimmers listening to them were from JA, VK or KH6... This morning they were on 20M CW as usually AND they had a good signal here with a nice pile-up.
Listening to the split, taking guys "going down", 2 calls and "in the log" ! ;)
RI0X IOTA AS-064 is my #457 worked IOTA. 
This island has not been activated since 15 years ! Thanks to the team.
By the way, if you want to log them, hurry up, this is their last day of activity... Good luck !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, August 28, 2014

VK5CE/8, T88CL & Co in the log !

Hi, 2 days ago I logged VK5CE/8 QRV from IOTA OC-173 Bathurst Island on 20M SSB through Russian & East EU pile-up ! :)
This IOTA was last activated in 1999 !! It is my 456th worked IOTA...

Yesterday, I worked 9K2WA on 12M SSB for a new band mode for Kuwait...

...BX4AD on 20M CW for another new band mode. Taiwan is now needed on low bands ! ;)

 Today I logged T88CL on 20M SSB for a new mode (#289 SSB) ! Palau is now worked in CW-SSB-RTTY... Hope some low bands activity this winter...

 Chris F8DZY

Monday, August 25, 2014

YB8SX IOTA OC-210, LA1CI IOTA EU-046 & RU0LAX/P IOTA AS-066 in the log !

Hi all, just back in the shack yesterday and 3 new IOTAs (#453, #454 & #455) worked thanks to YB8SX from IOTA OC-210 Sangihe Islands (15M SSB)...

...then LA1CI from the rare on air IOTA EU-046 Ringvassoe Island (20M SSB)(it was a long long time I was looking for Aage => resident of one my last needed EU IOTA !)...

...and this morning RU0LAX/P from IOTA AS-066 (Sea of Japan Coast Group)(15M CW)  !

 Chris F8DZY

Sunday, August 3, 2014

YF1AR/5 IOTA OC-122 Tambelan Island in the log !

Budi YF1AR was active from Tambelan Island IOTA OC-122 as YF1AR/5.
I had the opportunity to log him last week on 15M SSB for my #452nd worked IOTA...

Chris F8DZY