Tuesday, July 29, 2014

8N6NTO IOTA AS-017 Okinawa in the log !

Hi all, another new IOTA worked yesterday thanks to 8N6NTO from IOTA AS-017 Okinawa Island !

Coming here with an outstanding signal when I found them on 15M SSB, the operator had to face a nice pile-up...
This is my worked IOTA #451.
Chris F8DZY

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PQ5M (IOTA SA-027) & E27EK/P (IOTA AS-125) in the log !

Hi, a busy job week-end for me so no IOTA contest entry, but I could add 2 new IOTAs in my end of Sunday afternoon thanks to PQ5M from IOTA SA-027 Sao Francisco do Sul Island & E27EK/P from IOTA AS-125 ! :)
They are my worked IOTA #449 & #450...

Chris F8DZY

FT5ZM Amsterdam Island in the mail !

Hi, last week I received FT5ZM Amsterdam Island IOTA AF-002 QSL !
It confirms my 13 QSOs with the team.
It is my 398th confirmed IOTA, soon the 400... ;)

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9H1EJ on 6M CW confirmed via LotW !

Hi, I quickly received the LotW confirmation from Ray 9H1EJ, confirming our 6M CW QSO.
It is my 70th confirmed DXCC on the Magic band !
Chris F8DZY

FT5ZM Amsterdam & St Paul Islands : DXCC #308 & #301 on LotW !

One more good one received via LotW (the paper QSL should arrive soon now) : FT5ZM Amsterdam & St Paul Islands is my confirmed DXCC #308 & # 301 on LotW !!! :)

Chris F8DZY

DXCC 80M in the mail !

Hi all, this was a very very long time I had to apply for, so last month I finally took the time to send my 80M DXCC application via LotW, and this morning I received the famous award !
It now stands up my head with the others... ;)

Next step ? 6M DXCC... maybe one day 160M DXCC ?? Road is long !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Welcome !

Welcome to the new F8DZY's blog ! :)
Starting July 2014, it will be similar as the previous one from Overblog, treating of my Ham Radio activities, especially based on DX-Peditions chasing, DXCCs, IOTAs, my stats, 6M & others... Enjoy !
Chris F8DZY